In connection with the

33. Joint Annual Meeting of the German Society for Minerals and Trace Elements (GMS) with Zinc-UK and the Zinc-Net COST Training School

two workshops are offered in forefront of the conference. The workshops are scheduled for three hours and will present actual and important topics in the field of trace element research, starting with lectures on relevant issues as teasers for interactive, lively discussions.

Both workshops will take place in parallel.


  1. “Alternatives for animal toxicity testing: principles, approaches and limitations”

This workshop answers questions and offers discussion about

  • what is toxicity testing and what are alternatives to animals experiments in toxicity testing?

  • which testing strategies are recommended (which should and could once use) for the different toxicity endpoints, with a special focus on cell death, genotoxicity, mutagenicity

  • sources of error, limitations and quality control.

            There will be a special focus on the toxicity testing of (ultra)trace element      (species).


  1. “Terms, strategies and quality control in element analysis and element speciation”

This workshop answers questions and offers discussion about

  • what is element speciation, elemental imaging, element analysis.

  • which analytical strategies are recommended for the different approaches, including sampling, sample handling and storage and analytical methods.

  • sources of error and quality control, serial and day-to day precision, accuracy.