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Who should join the GMS?

• Those interested or working in the field of minerals or trace elements (associated or full membership)

• Physicians, pharmacists, or natural scientists who want to be informed about the newest scientific results in the field of minerals and trace elements (full membership)

• PhD and postdoc students whose current or future research focuses on trace elements or minerals (junior membership)

Which companies should join the GMS?

• Companies in a related industry, for example, food supplements with trace elements or minerals. Membership allows access to new research to further optimise your products and network with other scientific cooperations. (company membership)

The GMS offers independent information, current scientific research and advice to pharmacists, nutritional scientists, doctors, veterinarians and agricultural scientists.

Benefits to membership
• Exchange information with specialised colleagues
• Network between disciplines
• Join our national conference: Held annually
• Join our international conference organised with FESTEM (our European umbrella organisation): Held every 3 years
• Attend as a delegate or present your scientific work at the conferences
• PhD students and postdocs: Enjoy access and contacts to European research institutions through FESTEM
• Company members: Enjoy access and contacts to European and manufacturers and distributors of e.g., reference materials, analytical devises etc.
• On-line access to the international Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, including access to the proceedings of the annual meetings
• Online access to the VBIO newsletter
• Vacancies platform for job offers in the field of trace elements or minerals, especially for master theses, doctoral theses, or postdoc positions
• Support of interdisciplinary network if problems or questions arise during your Master’s/Doctoral thesis
• Junior members can apply for a travel allowance (max. 250€) for visiting and participating in a conference. We also support visits other laboratories within this financial framework. (Applications should be sent to  the secretary).

Annual fee for members

• Junior or senior membership: 25€
• Ordinary membership: 80€
• Corporate membership: 1023€

We look forward to receiving your membership application! Contact for more details: anna.kipp”at”